Friday, January 30, 2015

Hunting Down The Mailman

So like the title says, I'm on a hunt for the mailman.

I just ordered some designed special effects contact lenses and they will be arriving shortly, talk about excitement. Well first let me say it was a battle and a half to get them because I had to play Phone Tag with the contact seller and my eye doctor. Long story short one side needed new info and the other side needed confirmation and the other side needed stuff faxed...UGH...but once everything was settled, and the amazing costumer service team helped speed things along, my contacts were shipped and now I play the waiting game.

Now once they arrive I will make a Box Opening/Review Video and post it to here, along with that post clear pictures of what they look like out and in my eyes.
I don't want to spoil the surprise of what they are but all I can say is the one pair are hopefully pretty wicked.

OH, so I did have a video of an opening and review of this product I bought but the product was not cooperating, and I had to split it between 2 videos, and the product fell apart a few times...lets just say I deleted everything and never wanted to deal with it again.

Stay Tuned for more posts 


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